Instructions & FAQs

  1. Unhook center and unzip one or both cups to breastfeed or pump

  2. Tuck or fold the cup(s) under the arm

  3. When finished, pull the cup over and back to center and use a few fingers to support your breast while inching back to the zipper

  4. Continue to use fingers to support your breast as you pull the zipper outward and over back to center to re-hook



Can the Side Zip™ Nursing Bra be opened with one hand?

Just before nursing, we suggest unhooking the center. Then as you are holding your baby you are able to easily open the zippers with one hand.

Can the Side Zip™ Nursing Bra be closed with one hand?
It is recommended to secure the zippers first which will bring the hooks closer together. The cups will be closed even if you can’t get the hooks right away.

Is there a pocket to hold nursing pads?
You can easily insert nursing pads into the cups as needed, though there is not a pocket to hold the pad.

Is the Side Zip™ Nursing Bra comfortable for sleeping?
Yes, the material we used is very soft so that the bra will be comfortable for all day and all night wear.  The Side Zip™ Nursing Bra is made of 80% Cotton 19% Polyester 1% Spandex.