• Supportive

  • Comfortable

  • Easy to Use

  • Stay Dry Design

  • No Looking Back


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Easy to Use

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Stay Dry Design

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Supportive, Comfortable, Easy to Use, Stay Dry Design, No Looking Back

These are the things that you'll find yourself saying about the Side Zip Nursing Bra.  You're going to love it!

This item is Final Sale & Non-returnable

The problem with conventional nursing bras is cup saturation.

It's Also GREAT for SKIN to SKIN!

Easily enjoy skin to skin time with your baby in the midst of nursing with the unique side opening design of the Side Zip Nursing Bra.

Feedback from Nursing Moms

“I love the support. Fits true to size too. I wouldn’t go back to my other nursing bra.”

Angela G

“Very comfy. The straps are really comfortable on my shoulders- which usually I ache from the pressure. The bra is supportive and I do not have the dreaded uniboob.”

Jennifer M.

“I love the support this bra gives compared to other nursing bras. I like the convenience of opening the bra and having the material tucked to the side. The zipper gets easier as you get used to it.”

Sara H.

“I LOVE the fit. It is the most comfortable nursing bra I’ve ever worn and it seriously has so much support. The size was very accurate compared to my normal size which is really important to me. I love that I no longer have wet bras. The zipper takes a little bit of getting used to but after a few days of wear I feel like I’m super comfortable with it.”

Monica P.